Shocking news has entered the Japanese on the weekend.

He China has decided article in the registration on the "Nanking has applied to the world memory heritage of UNESCO.

You can easily find hard human Nanking I know it's a lie of China, but people often do not see through the world.

Decent material nor Nanking is, why has become a major issue so far?
I think it is in the nature of the Japanese people.

The Japanese culture since ancient times there is a thing called "If is correct here opponent can be understood in the silence."

If there is justice in yourself is the spirit of the other party can understand.

When China began a propaganda the Nanking in the 1980s, the Japanese government was through the spirit of the above.

In other words, it was left without a major objection to China's lie!

People who believe China is not the liar, this theory is he such a theory Japan was to be to-class in Japanese with each other, and he did not-class in the world.

While not an objection, in the world Nanking it has been recognized as a fact.

Become a now but the Japanese government began a rebuttal to China, the world's current situation is Japan is said to have lied.

The population at the time of Nanking were only 200,000 people, Yet the Chinese government he has been protest with Japan has killed 30 million people.

This stupid story can be seen as soon as that's a lie if it is math.

But it had decided registered in this world memory heritage, will be able to understand the magnitude of the Japanese of disappointment ...

Why not to investigate whether it is true to UNESCO application.
This can only be used for the political struggle.

Recent China, the anti-Japanese attitude of South Korea there is a great strategy.

This blog because one American journalist with a question is the investigation also want to refer to.
Lies of The Rape of Nanking
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